General Info
Contributor(s): Zzyex
Release Date: August 30, 2013
Development Status: Stable
Version: 0.1
Size: Unspecified
Mode(s): Single-Player
Language(s): English

Siri for Petit Computer!


  • Type in a question in all caps.
  • For math problems put in WHAT IS 0+0 OR WHAT IS 6+7 for an answer.


Version 0.1 (Stable)Edit

  • Added music and background color

Version 0.5 (Alpha)Edit

  • Added Calculator 0+0 to 10+10

Version 0.1 (Alpha)Edit

  • 3 questions

Future PlansEdit

  • A lot more questions.
  • Conversation mode: About 1/5 of the way there.
  • Random quote displacer on the title screen. (I could use some help with this. I already have the quotes programmed. I just can't use them.)


No, None yet.


Ziri 1
Ziri 2
Ziri 3

Ziri FontEdit

Ziri font 1
Ziri font 2
Ziri font 3
Ziri font 4


  • Only math problems 0+0 to 10+10. Ask problems like "WHATS 7+9" or "WHATS 0+3". Always ask questions in all caps.
  • Any questions you would like to see? Ask me!
  • You can help by giving me questions or helping with the random quotes on the title screen.


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