Zelda demo
General Info
Genre(s): "Genre(s)" (Action, Adventure)
Contributor(s): "Contributor(s)" (Nicolas(TheHappyCrocodile), Charles)
Release Date: "Release Date" (Dec 2015)
Development Status: "Current Development Status" (Planning)
Version: "Version Number" (1.0.0)
Size: "Size in Bytes and Kilobytes" (??? (??? KB))
Mode(s): "Game Modes" (Single-Player)
Language(s): "Language(s)" (French)

My program is a test to see if the sprites are corrects for my future Zelda, that will be release in a few months in English and in French.


Use the D-stick to move.


This is just a demo. I will soon make a better game (a real game).

Future PlansEdit

In a few months, I will put a real Gameboy Zelda.


To download, take the picture near. (Sorry for the problems)


It is from Nintendo.


They may be some bugs and I'm really sorry because I am just learning "SmileBasic". I forgot to put the sprites QR codes. I'm searching them.

==Credits== Nicolas (me): Programming and Charles: Draw the sprites from "Nintendo"

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