This is an experimental app I have been doing for the 

Yu-gi-oh! Trading Card Game (YGO TCG for short).

Let me just say I do not own any of the rights to the game, but I do own the rights to make anyth
Ygo app
ing for the customers and duelist of the card game and as such I do not accept payment of any kind because this is non-profit.


Think of this as an application I was working on and still working on. It has a coin flip, die roll, a weird rock paper scissors game, and a lifepoint touchscreen system. Just remember to press 9 on the pad to make it stop otherwise it repeats.


I need help with making this app become brighter and help with the life point increase buttons on the touchscreen so they stop after each increase rather than having to waste a button used to stop rather than using it for something better like to double. 

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