World trade simulator. (Not the actual name)
General Info
Genre(s): Simulation
Contributor(s): Zzyex
Release Date: --
Development Status: --
Version: --
Size: --
Mode(s): Single-Player
Language(s): English


Eh... um... hehe... you er click buttons to trade stuff and get cash. Cities will develop on there own and will need different things as they grow. I.E. A city with a lot of people needs food, while a smaller city will not. Eh... There is no actual gamee yet though please don't hurt me... I'm working on it.


N/A for now.

Future PlansEdit

Finish the demo and release it.



Don't download, this is just a map, I needed something to stop the deletion notes. Don't judge the city locations, they aren't supposed to be real.


Anything else that needs to be noted such as bugs, appends, special instructions, etc.


Zzyex did :3

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