General Info
Genre(s): Games
Contributor(s): Credible
Release Date: Unknown
Development Status: Stable
Version: Unspecified
Size: Unknown
Mode(s): Single Player
Language(s): English

Defeat the monsters! A fun program so far, and a good look into what I'm aiming for.

Working so far:

There are two enemies, a Skeleton and Mirror Mimic.

A magic and health bar, with a working money system.

Two attacks: A touch screen guided ball that explodes, and a magic blast.



Things I need help with:

Background sprite collision. I have a version of it working, but I've commented it out for the purpose of the demo. You can find it on line 149, just uncomment it. You will collide with objects (house, grass walls) but then be unable to move afterwards. This is because I have it so that when the player collides with the background tile ID, his movement=0. Your movement must =1 in order to move. An easy fix for this would be to have the player bounce off the walls slightly, but I think it looks silly and would like a different solution.

The way I have my map set up is that the top layer is all graphical; the bottom layer is what the player collides with. In places I don't want you to move to (house, walls), I've put a grey tile.

Another major issue is that when you move screens, the bottom layer's tiles don't seem to move with the top. So a house you can collide with will be an invisible house you can still collide with on another screen. I'm sure there's an easy fix for it, but I'm just not seeing it.

The game is kind of fun so far, so I'm releasing this demo for people to play with, and hopefully look at the code to help me fix some issues.



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