This is a page for Village mods if you would like to contribute just post a comment or edit


Just scan the QRs to play it with the mod it makes your game Village 1.3.1+ + Mod.


Mod 1.0 this one is low statue prices, easy catch rare fish, easy catch rare butterflys, easy catch rare beetles,

Mod 1.5 added walk on water.

Village mod 1.5Edit

Rare fish are easy to catch.

Rare butterflys are easy to catch.

Rare beetles are easy to catch.

Statues 1000 clubs each. Walk on water.

Future PlansEdit

I plan to make it so you could scan qrs to make you a butterfly.


I'm working on a mod to make you look like a butterfly, if you have a idea post it.

Videos and ScreenshotsEdit

100 2666

Water walking


Village Mod 1.5

Village Mod. Middle click to see full screen.

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