Sprites. Wow. At first, they seem like the most impossablest things in existance. Well, NO MORE! Prepare to be explained at!

So first, we need to set the sprite. Say you want to make a kid. To set the sprite, just type:

1:ACLS:SPSET 0,64,0,0,0,0

Whoa! Where did we just go there!? Allow me to explain.

The ACLS command will clear the screen of EVERYTHING, including sprites, characters, and backround colors.

The : Is the command that separates the ACLS from the SPSET.

Now, the SPSET command... the first number sets the control number of the sprite, so you can refer to that number with any SP command. This means that you can have up to 100 sprites on-screen at one time.

The second number is the sprite number. It sets the what the sprite exactly is. For example, 64 is a boy facing left, 128 is a skeleton, and 96 is a wizard. You can refer to sprite numbers in the manual under the page "SPRITE".

The third number is the color palette. For example, 2 is a red-haired kid, 3 is kind of... Indian-ish, and 1 is...ugh...

the fourth number is the horizontal rotation,fifth is the vertical rotation, and the sixth one is 0 for ABOVE text, and 1 for BELOW text.

But...say you want him somewhere other than the top left of the screen? Here comes SPOFS!

SPOFS states the coordinates of the sprite, and possibly, how long it takes for it to get there.

2:SPOFS 0,100,100,15

Now, The first number is the control number. Make sure that it's the same number as the first number in the SPSET command.

The second number is the X coordinate, and the third is the Y coordinate.

The fourth number stands for how much time it takes it to get there. here, it will take 15 milliseconds to get to the X and Y coordinates.

But that doesn't look very convincing, does it? Let's add the SPANIM command!

3:SPANIM 0,4,5

Again, the first number is the control number.

The second number shows how many frames it will take. Again, refer to the manual.

The third number represents how long (in milliseconds) it will take to move from one frame to the next.

So this is what your program should look like:

SPSET 0,64,0,0,0,0
SPOFS 0,100,100,15
SPANIM 0,4,5

I hope this tutorial helped! Thanks for reading!

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