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  • My occupation is Programming and Video Editing
  • I am male
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    -500 hype

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    Tips will help you with Petit Computer and sometimes your DSi/3DS. Sometimes it will have code explanations, sometimes it will have... well... tips. Anyways, on to the first tip!

    You have a 3DS and a copy of Petit Computer. Petit Computer looks terrible with its stretched pixel art.

    Hold start or select while Petit Computer starts up (right after you click the app). Works with all DSiWare.

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  • TheV360

    == oh no ==

    May 31, 2014 by TheV360

    Good News: I got a 2DS.

    Bad News: I transferred all of my apps to the 2DS without realizing that I'd lose my saves.

    Good News: I still have backups.

    Good News: I got Petit Computer back.

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  • TheV360

    I want to show my friends Petit Computer, but most of my apps are boring or tech demos. I will try any game.

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  • TheV360

    I want to make a chat bot- it will play games.


    • Tic Tac Toe
    • Hot Potato
    • The Bot
      • You fight the bot until it dies
      • It will disconnect itself when it dies
      • The bot is level 9001 and you cannot level up
      • It has 100,000 HP and you have swords that causes 1 damage point.

    That is all.
    :D More secret text! I'm making Prop Hunt in Unity3D.

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