Buzzsaw Brothers: Spiretal sequal to Sinister Stanley's Sawmill. It is a match 3 puzzel game using colored logs. Match 3 logs to lower the log pile and keep Little Nelle from the spikes on top of the log bin. The Buzzsaw Brothers are two beavers who operate the sawmill. Sinister Stanley makes a guest apperance.

Castle Shield: A game much like Atari's old video game Outlaw. Move the shield back and forth to protect your castle while redirecting projectals to your oponent's castle. Destroy the King in the center to win. Fail to protect your King in the center of your castle to lose. Bewair of wizards, crossbowmen, and catapults who put more projectals into play (this includes your own wizards, crossbowmen, and catapults also).

Dungeoncleaner: You play the most ferosous being in the dungeon...the maid. Walk the maze, cleaning up after evey monster by sweeping the floor. Think a midevial "Make Tracks".

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