Feal free to take some of my ideals and run with them. That is what thay are there for.

Evil Eyes: A space shooter where all the enimies are disembodied, giant eyeballs from space. I imagen the game to be 'astroroid-ish'.

Sinister Stanley's Sawmill: A game I wanted to see since the begining of Petit Computer. The hero (a generic Canadian Mountie) climbs a sawmill, avoids henchmen and spinning sawblades, fres the damsels in distress, and exits the room. Eventuly, you face Sinister Stanley himself, who tosses fuse bombs at you.

Armada Another space shooter, this time Raiden style top-down. The main thing are big ships which split into smaller ships when shot at.

HeroMan: Another shooter, this time your a flying superhero, out to protect the city from the super villian Doctor Devistation.

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