Pixelli Available

Although it is only a small demo it is still pretty powerful. If you do not know what Pixelli is, it is a Block Building video game about building your world and then living in it. Only a small demo is available featuring the World Builder. You can download it here.

Pixelli official wiki page


I think...A lot and when I think I come up with crazy ideas. So let me list some Ideas with descriptions just for you!

Arena Battle (Alpha, Beta, Complete) 

A 2-D Birds-eye veiw battle game featuring a lot of weapons (A lot) where you can use any weapon you have unlocked in a 3 on 3 battle with a different team. Kind of like Kid Icarus-Uprising but less 3-D


An Apple iphone/iPod touch type OS. Self explainatory.

-Note these are just ideas and may not come true.


-Thanks for reading!

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