Okay guys so I have decided to try my best to post daily. if I do I will post about Current and upcoming projects and maybe a little about me! So anyway let's cut to the chase.


As you guys already know I have been working on Pixelli for about two weeks now. I have finished the first demo and am now working on the World simulator. Currently the World Simulator has no code...Until I learn GPUTCHR and Collision with BG tiles that you have placed, as well as saving and loading the worlds that you edit. Currently I am adding in a Terrain Generator to set as an option for WorldSim. Texture packs and limited Modding support will be next until i learn these things. Currently i have TwinArmaggedonz creating me a Terraria texture pack while I work on Custom Sprites and a character editor. Thanks for reading about Pixelli!

Official Pixelli wiki page

Twin Armaggedonz


Okay so for about a while now I have been helping 0Games with his attempt on the popular Arma 2 Mod DayZ. So I have Made him Zombie AI Health Hunger Thirst broken body parts and re wrote the movement engine. I will be taking a break from this Project to focus on other things so do not expect very many updates.



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