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  • SmokedSausageFTW

    Ugh, it's a monday. Well this has to be the best monday of my life but I will explain this later. First off, The Forest. I have been doing a lot of work on it over the past couple days for the inventory, skills, and shop screens and functionality. Lucky for you they all use a full graphical interface rather than just text :D So that's a plus I guess. I want to release a demo soon (like within a month) so that everyone can play it for themselves. I have currently implemented all of the menu's, 6 weapons, no skills, and inventory management. Not full inventory management though. I guess that's all for The Forest.


    Terrain generator bugs worked out

    Enemy AI and collision

    PVE combat.

    Now for o…

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  • SmokedSausageFTW

    Guess what day it is? Not only is it hump day, but it is also the day I got my hands on the terrain generator for the Forest! As with any game, it has it's bugs. Most notably hills that generate on top of looks weird. Other than that, the generator I have to say is simply amazing. Yes, I did take more screenshots of what the final version looks like for everyone to see...high quality screenshots actually. So high quality that all five images total up to a little over twenty megabytes (If you want a good smartphone camera get a Samsung Galaxy S5...)

    Click here to see the screenshots. Use the navigation above the image to go through the gallery.

    No, don't ask for a private release of the generator because it isn't happening. I will …

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  • SmokedSausageFTW

    Remember that one blog post that I made asking for a new project? I got mixed emotions about Re-doing SURVIVE and starting a new project (The Forest.) Well, The Forest is still being worked on and will be my main project until it is completed. But, today i would like to announce SURVIVE Remastered. Pretty much just re-making SURVIVE.


    • New terrain generator :)
    • New soundtrack.
    • New, better sprites.
    • New Engine.
    • Many, Many bugs fixed.
    • Achievements

    I hope that this is completed as many people on the wiki enjoyed the concept of SURVIVE, just not the actual game itsself. SURVIVE was buggy, lacked features, and it overall felt very empty. I hope that SURVIVE Remastered will change all of that and become far more superior to SURVIVE.

    Thanks for read…

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  • SmokedSausageFTW

    The Forest has been in development for i'd say two weeks now and already thanks to LeviCelJir we have probably one of the best terrain generators to date on Petit Computer. Lakes, Mountains, Hills, and even caves are put in to create a very complex and very good terrain generator.


    Underground Complex Cave

    Above Ground, Hilly Terrain (Hills still being worked on)

    Cave Entrance

    Another, more simple cave

    That is all for today. Stay tuned for more updates on The Forest!

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  • SmokedSausageFTW

    So While Levi has been working on the terrain generator (Which may be done soon) I have been doing more and more planning on what i want the game to turn out to be. So now I will explain each and every concept I have thought about so far...


    I plan to add three types of weapons to the game. You can craft one of each, then after that you can collect bronze, iron, and legendary stone to upgrade your weapons. So basically Normal, bronze, Iron, and legendary Shortswords, Longswords, and bows. You need to collect the resources to craft them then you can upgrade them. I plan to add "elemental stones" to fuse your weapons with elemental attributes like burning, freezing, and skills to give your weapons other attributes like HP draining, healt…

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