Guess I'll post something about all the stuff I am working on or need to finish. Might as well figure out what to focus on. (this is more or less a to-do list)

Another Mario Maker

I still want to finish this - I've been fixing parts of it, but haven't had a great deal of time to focus on this. Right now, the editor is fine, but the gameplay is glitchy and getting it to run at full speed is difficult. If I can solidify the enemy physics, it would actually be very close to done - but I'm struggling getting physics to work correctly.

Update to Starlight

I actually have some ideas for my old game - I haven't finalized any of them, but a few new modes and some HUGE optimizations could be added. At some point I would like to create this as a phone game, since the design of it is fairly simple and makes sense for a 'pick up and play' sort of game. Though first I would like to add some more DSi/3DS oriented gameplay to the game, possibly through new modes. (And update the SmileBASIC version as well.)

Old Programs

I created a lot of programs that were either too simple or too unfinished to upload, but a few of them were actually playable and decently fun to mess around with. I might upload some of these (or update them - I could definitely optimize them, as most were created around 4 or 5 years ago). Specifically, a few of the games/tools that might be worth uploading:

  • "Targets" A very simple game inspired from the Wii Play game of targets. Could definitely use an update.
  • "Detect" A false detector program - one of the first programs I ever made. Amusing to mess around with but pretty simple.
  • Map Editiors - I made a few map editors and spritesheets to go with them. None of these ended up finished, but a few of the could be used or potentially repurposed in a new game.
  • Various graphical tests - At least one of these is decent.

Of course, all of this assumes I have time and willpower to finish these. School exists. ;u;