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  • Lumage

    Famitsu scan translations

    August 28, 2014 by Lumage

    I need to know if anyone is actually reading it so I know if I should bother doing the other part.

    You know, because otherwise, it's a big waste of my time.  OCR programs can't detect the text due to scan quality and being at a minute angle (rotating it would distort it far too much).  And no, I didn't do the second page first because it could be detected.  It can't either.

    Instead I find myself retyping Kana and Kanji into Google Translate/Trainwreck and then trying to turn the almost nonsensical output into something... readable.  I thought people would be interested but apparently no one cares.

    If you really just haven't seen it yet: ()

    Also, it really …

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  • Lumage

    A series of web-based Petit Computer tools by a Japanese user

    Including "PRG to txt", file packager(?), some GRP makers, and an error checker.  Maybe an error fixer too.

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  • Lumage

    "Rock Band" type music game:

    File sender:

    Snow (or something):

    Pixel editor... gives hex:

    A raytracer thing and a big (boring?) lecture about the math involved in Japanese:

    A sequencer:

    And the thing to retrieve the MML from the GRP with?:

    Sparkles, a one screen program (You may have to type it in yourself):…

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  • Lumage

    Ace Antagonist

    July 24, 2014 by Lumage

    I'm sorry, what?

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  • Lumage

    Lumage's programs.

    July 24, 2014 by Lumage

    You start off as an ordinary boy sent outside by his mom. Ordinary, that is, until you come across a shop selling free swords. (First time you notice it, even though it's right next to your house, thanks to videogame logic). Once that happens, you are... Ordinary Boy... with a Sword!

    Map Scrolling thanks to Maped16 (that'd be going to Jamieyello and Discostew), it wouldn't work nearly as well without it.


    This is just a peek at what is done and how it works. NOTE: The early name for it was SWORD so some files may have sword in the title.

    So far you start off outside your house, with virtually no idea what you are supposed to do. you can go through a cave onto a beach, walk around a farm type area, and bump into a tree. Y…

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