• LeviCelJir

    I just started working on it so this is what I have done - door lights - semi decent power system - no deaths yet - no cams - bonnie and chica will randomly appear at your door and eventually leave - grps made from actual game assets - making Kirby make a grp to data converter That's basically it its semi playable but all you can do at this point is nothing except mess with door lights.

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  • LeviCelJir

    Today I got to live my dream.

    I got to have my favorite Minecraft world (First tutorial world on Minecraft Xbox) on PC with shaders. Great day this is. Best day. GG/10 day.

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  • LeviCelJir

    Denpa Kart

    May 22, 2014 by LeviCelJir

    It's Mario Kart with Denpa Men!

    It's using an old mode 7 engine I found on gamefaqs here .

    scweenies now

    First map called Antenna Tower:

    Rainbow Road:


    K hope u hype now bye

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  • LeviCelJir


    May 14, 2014 by LeviCelJir

    What If I made a denpa men battle game where you just battle different monsters to go through the dungeon without actually going through it? It's a lot easier to make and good for PTC. If you don't know what denpa men means they are small creatures that are like men that you take on quests and fight monsters and stuff. More info here: And you can battle people online(trading grps)and stuff. Like a pokemon or denpa men game without free roam.

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  • LeviCelJir

    How you can help:

    Everytime you see coinbot or other bots running please break the PTC Wikia Bot.

    How do you break it?

    Send it a private message or PM

    Together we will stop the spam!

    This post is provided to you by LCJ Services (2014)

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