• Kulex11

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    Addicting, fun, and marvelous. There is only one problem I have with it. It is too easy. Maybe some enemies to add to the gameplay, but other than that very fun!

    Little short on content but it doesn't really need any. But it does have more stages that add a background and power ups, that give you more stars, bombs, and some that let the star power up spawn more.

    Well. Theres a homemade track for the titlescreen. There's one for the stage. And theres one called Sad Flute. You can access these by pressing start while you are playing. And it goes to the witch's Ipod where you access all the songs turn it on dead silence or turn it on shuffle.

    Amazing! It has beautiful 16 bit graphics that are so crisp and really good made.

    Can go out …

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  • Kulex11

    How To Play And QR Here

    not very smooth, but hard to the right extent.

    You can save and there are multiple levels but thats pretty much it.

    No music, and only the premade sound effects.

    Not too good since it is only made with text.  But fine since it doesn't need good graphics.

    Didn't even find a single bug!


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  • Kulex11

    I'm just saying that you don't have to worry about copyrighting nintendo characters like mario and such.                                Because Petit Computer is just a app on the DS.                                                                                                           I mean nintendo doesn't care a single bit, if anything your giving nintendo money for buying the app                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       …

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