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  • I live in The World That Never Was
  • I was born on March 26
  • My occupation is Number XIII
  • I am Male
  • KeyOfDestinyRoxasXIII

    When I was VERY VERY (x100) young, a game came out named Kingdom Hearts. I was really little so I didn't really play games. But when Kingdom Hearts came out my sister got it the day it came out.I was just walking around, being awesome, learning how to walk. But then, I RAN! I saw Mickey Mouse, and fighting. I knew that's where I belonged. I watched my sister play for a while then she asked if I wanted to play. I anxiously grabbed the 2nd player controller and thought I was Goofy (xD). It was really fun, then I ended up playing it when my sister got Kingdom Hearts II, but that's for later. (Fun Fact: It came out in Japan 2 days after my birthday!)

    We will have to fast forward in time for this part. Now, my sister never got this because she h…

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  • KeyOfDestinyRoxasXIII

    This is my first blog post so it shall be a game review. Now this game is pretty cool, I happen to own Animal Crossing Wild World and Animal Crossing New Leaf so I'm not new to he world of Animal Crossing.

    First of all, QR Codes. Right now it is a whooping 95 QR Codes. It took like 10 minutes to scan them all, but that's because it's a big game after all. Now this IS annoying to scan them so I will give it an even score:

    QR Codes: 4/10

    Next controls. Village has good controls, even it's own turning controls. But these are sometimes hard to remember making it confusing. But the controls are not sloppy like some PTC games so this gets a:

    Controls: 7/10

    Now for graphics. This game makes good use of the many sprites in Petit Computer, yet it could'…

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