A few information about how the Editor works:

Control: The character is controlled with a gcircle drawn on the touch panel to achieve more directions of movement.The buttons are used to switch weapons and use items or skills, to roll or to aim (with range skills)

{This is connected to the skill and item database}

Item: Here you can configure the Item with picture,the color, the rotation, the parameters influenced by the item, buffs or debuffs,values, stacks and some more.

{buffs and debuffs are connected to the skill database}

Skill: Parameters for the skills are picture,color,rotation,animation with animationspeed, skill range, flying speed if ranged, hitbox, cost, buffs and debuffs,hitanimation, damage, cooldowns, requirements etc.

{here we have a connection to the controls and to the ai enemys/npc's}

Sound: Here you can make game music and sound for abilitys and items or special events in quests, i guess no more description is needed

Map: Here you can set 8*8 tiles on a Map. you can also use a configuration system for special background tiles, so you don't have to do the colission on your own. Of course there is a fine working collision system. With the screen method there is also an open world no loading time map  in the end wich is easily editable.

Quest: In the questpart you can edit the whole quest like name, author, rewardgold, required level, the questinfo, rewarditems, and the single quest parts.

the following parts are available for now: Hunt enemy(number and type{connnected to ai/npc}, collect{connecte to item data}, talk{connected to the text database}, trigger{connected to the map if you enter or leave an area, or if you press a button connected to an action like open a chest or something}, deliver{ bring an item to sb}, escort{}, and few more

Npc system: here you can edit all NPC's allies and enemys with a simple standart collision detection and avoiding obstacles script, simple fight ai with clan system(more advanced) abilities animations, items, etc.

I guess that is all for this Update, i would be happy about any suggestions and questions.

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