Hi, it's J8B,

I'm working on a project called "Virtual Bébête" for Petit Computer.
The principle of the game is a sort of a virtual pet/sim's life, so it will be very long to finish.
A lot of mini games are planned to win money or study or find love...
There are 9 places to visit that have each 4 rooms.
For the moment, i made all the moves in the different places, you can pee, take a bath, play two card's games at home(one of them is poker), you can go to the casino and play a sort of craps, roulette and poker(same at home) and bet money.
Actually, i work on the first job of the casino, which consists of interrogating 3 suspects to find the one who cheated at the games.

For fun, i draw this cover:

Virtual Bébête jaquette ds J8B

Cover Virtual Bébête

For screenshoots: click here
Official page (in French): Click here

March 2017 news:

After making the first job of the casino, i made a horses's race at the Stadium where you can buy some informations and cheat to make a horse stronger or weaker (under certain conditions). Just to show you all of this, i release the first demo of Virtual Bébête (French and English), you have limited actions to do, observable at the bottom left of the upper screen. Here are the QR codes :

_The Demo_B1 of Virtual Bébête

_The sprites SP
_The sprites BG
_The screens SCR
_The GRP of the map

April 2017 news:

After this first Demo, i made a combat of bébête, you can buy some informations to determine who is the best fighter to bet on him. Then i made a simple soccer match to bet on it, find the score and you win 5 times your bet, else 2 times if you find the outcome of the match (winner or draw). As for combat, you can buy informations to help you make your choice.

Now my problem is that i have reached about 7000 lines of code, it's very too big to continue with the both language, so i must separate the french and the english to gain space. So very soon, i will release the last demo with english and i will continue the game in french and translate it in english later.

_The Demo_B2 of Virtual Bébête

3 May 2017 news:

Ok, i changed my mind, because i don't win a lot of line. So i found a solution to use more than 9999 lines, i must use two PRG file for the game. Thanks to this, i can keep both language and do what i want.

4 May 2017. Sorry, i forgot to post the file J8BVBSP0, here the QR code:

2 June 2017 news:

The game with two PRG work fine, only 15 seconds of loading between the two. I made the save on a GRP and i'm working on the first PRG to complete it. So i'm programming the icon of the television for the moment.

Enjoy with the Demo_B2. To the next update...

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