Hello guys! I'm just saying that I'm gonna be starting daily blog posts! Yay! I'll just talk about random stuff going on anywhere, including the Wikia, news, my personal life (although no one cares about that), tutorials for Petit Computer and SimpleC, etc.

Today I want to talk about why Minecraft DS was put on hold for so long. I finally resumed work on it in case you were wondering, but why was it put on hold for that long? Well, I was kinda tired of working on it. In the month of August or September, I released 3 major updates in that month. I needed a break. Well, I got it. I almost miss working on Minecraft DS, and people have started asking why I haven't made an update in so long. Another reason it was on hold: school. Yep, it's that time of year when school starts back. I needed some time to get adjusted to the new schedule, being in school and all. I'm finally adjusted, so I can efficiantly work on it now. :D

MCDSEdit might be lost, though. Long explanation, so I might talk about that tomorrow along with some SimpleC tutorials.

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