Hello people! I've noticed that in this past week there have been a ton of things going on, like the new rule that half of you hate, or GimmeMoreCoinz's and TobuKatsu's leaving. I'm making this to calm everyone down and hopefully clarify a few things.

First off, Coinz's leaving. If you dont know about that, basicly Coinz got sick and tired of two people and left the Wikia. We are all sad to see her go, but the main reason I brought this up is because a lot of people are hating on someone who influenced her leaving, TwinArmageddonz. Yes, he made a mistake, but he apologized! Why keep getting on to him after he said he's sorry?!

From the chat logs:

[09:25] <Pokeyoshi19> Hi Sparky, Not hi Twin.

[09:26] <Pokeyoshi19> U made Coinz to leave and i dont want to say hi to you D:<

So please be nice!

Second, Tobu's leaving. Coinz was sick of him too, and after Coinz left, so did TobuKatsu. I brought this up because this isn't well known news and I wanted people to know where he went in case they were wondering. (I only found out by reading the chat logs)

Third and probably biggest, the new rule. The rule:

  • You can only post a page under "Programs" or "Games" if you have QR codes ready for your program. Absolutely no exceptions. Even if you'll have them ready by tomorrow, wait until the next day when you actually have the QR codes on your computer before you make a page.
  • Any pages without a means to download your program will be marked for deletion. The page will be deleted within a few days.
  • If you would like to make an announcement for a new game or program you're making, you may do so on the Program Announcements board. If you want to get people excited and get the word out, you can add a brief description and screenshots of your program there instead of creating a new page. Once your program has a downloadable version ready, you may create a page.

lot of people are mad about this. Why? It cleans up the wiki, makes it easier for people to find actual programs, and the Petit Computer Wikia was meant for programs, and not ideas. If you have an idea, there is a place for it. You can go here to tell people about your program. If you've had a page marked for deletion, the rule doesn't take effect until October 28th. That should be plenty of time to get QRs. If you do not know how to create QR codes, I made a video tutorial at

I'm hoping this clarifies and calms down a few things. If I messed something up, I apologize. You can ask any additional questions at my page, randomouscrap98's page, or BrianXP7's page.

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