Okay, first I'll post some basic SimpleC tutorials. I'd just post the whole manual I made (download on the SimpleC page), but it's too long, soooo I'll post it bit by bit on here daily, and since I am doing it daily and on a blog, I can go into more detail and feel free to ask questions or ask me to elaborate on something! Anyway, first command!

OUT<"Your text here"

This prints text in the screen! Very basic. Anything in quotation marks (highlighted in red) will be printed on the screen. Now, by default, it will not go to the next line. You have to tell it to do that. Do do so, put a \n at the end! (\n is the C/C++ way of going to the next line as well)

OUT<"This is on one line\n"
OUT<"This is on a new line"

Tada! If I wanted to wait at the end before it stops, I'd use another command, SLP.


This will sleep (or halt the program) for 5 seconds. It can do decimals, so to wait for a quarter second:

D Yay! But wait! What if i wanted the user to push a button to end? Same command, I just use it differently.
SLP[BUT[button ID]]

Button ID is the number assigned to each button. It's the same ID system used in SmileBASIC, so if you don't know it, there are some tutorials out there to help. Anyway, for example, if I wanted the user to press the A button, I'll do:


Yay! Done! To stop the program, I'd use the STOP command. Simple.


Now we can make a hello world program! It will print "Hello, world!" wait for the user to press the A button, and then end the program.

OUT<"Hello, world!"

This is it for SimpleC tutorial for today!

For those people out there who like Minecraft DS, it was big news that I resumed work, and I'm gonna add slimes! NOTE: That is not certain! It is planned and likely, but that it not the same as a certainty! If you have any suggestions, feel free to post on either the Minecraft DS page, or in the comments below!