First Entry: Success with Petit Smash Bros V1.2 Checkpoint 1

Sooo this is a blog.. Okay cool.

first of all, hello. I guess  :3

Here's what i'm adding to My smash bros V 1.2 game.

i'll be giving the author of the spritesheet credit but this is how the sprites for link will look if I stick with this style

Petit link anim1

Petit Link standing. Petit Smash Bros V1.2 Conceptual and design

As you can see this is link standing.

He's way smaller than mario seen here:


Mario running Petit Smash bros V1.1

The solution to this issue is pretty simple. Just make link a little bigger.

Though..come to think of it.. he might be the same size. I haven't tested this out yet.

So yes there's a teaser for all of you wondering about Petit Smash Bros.

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