Welll I thought making this smash bros game thing would be simple.

Turns out. NOPE!

For those of you FOLLOWING my blog, which I highly reccomend you do cause you'll learn alot from me ^^;

You'll be surprised to learn what I learned just today by checking this link:

The game is called drop ball.

And in the screenshot this person posted he has the MKII checkbox inside of ptc utilities checked while importing his sprites.

VERY IMPORTANT boyz and girlz


I have spent probably two hours or four hours, Trying to import a larger version of link.

You can find my "other " attempt here:

There you go. You see that? Beautiful isn't it!

If only all the characters in the game could maintain this QUALITY.

Ah well I have it animating on my 3DS. Another step foreward.

I'm thinking of allowing to have larger characters like this. of course at that stage link looks larger than mario. Which in the early game could cause collision issues and give mario a hit-box advantage.

For now I'm going to be using basic hit boxes for the smash bros game.

I played some Smash Bros Melee today, along with some super smash flash 2 demo.

I wish I was doing this on pc instead because I wouldn't have so many LIMITATIONS

but that's okay.

Anyways. Nothing fresh today yet. I'm working on just adding more sprites.

In another week if things go good I might have another demo launched.

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