Hey everyone! Guess what! I'm updating the code for super smash bros V1.1 to V1.2

The codebase for the new game code is incomplete.

Here is a sneak peak at the game code if your curious.

This code SHOULD work inside petit computer if your avid enough to try it but it won't be smash bros at all . It's full of semi-empty subrouties! Hahaha.

Anyways.. I've basically redone the structure of petit smash bros so that it's easier to follow and modify.

You'll notice I use alot of arrays and variables that point to other arrays or variables.

I'm planning to make it so that I don't even have to think about the filenames for characters down the road, just their number. Anyways. Here it is in all it's glory *cough* ugglyness

gosub @setup


locate 20, 0
print "=============================="
print "----PETIT SMASH BROS V1.2 ----"
print "=============================-"
print "|    2013 by GimmeMoreCoinz              |"
print "|   ~Use Up or Down to pick ~               |"
print "|                                                                  |"
print "|                                                                  |"
print "|                                                                  |"
print "|                                                                  |"
print "---------------------------------------------------"

locate cursor_x, cursor_Y
print "up/down "+cursor_text$(cursor_option)

locate cursor_x, cursor_y+20
print "Press Start to choose this option"

if B==1024 and cursor_option==1 then gosub @Options
if B==1024 and cursor_option==2 then gosub @Singleplayer
if B==1024 and cursor_option==3 then gosub @Training
if B==1024 and cursor_option==4 then gosub @Adventure
if B==1024 and cursor_option==5 then gosub @Gallery


Player_x=0  'the player's X coordinate
player_y=0  'the player's Y coordinate
Camera_X=0 'offsets in 8 pixels (one tile) per scroll
Camera_y=0 'offsets in 8 pixels (one tile) per scroll
player_spritenum=null 'is that a constant in this?
dim character_names$(4)
dim linkspriteS$(2)
linksprites$(1)="Lruns1_p" 'the first four frames of link's run cycle
linksprites$(2)="Lruns2_p" 'the second four frames of link's run cycle
dim mariosprites$(2)
dim charpalletes$(4) 'one for link, one for mario, and two more for the other two characters
charpalletes$(1)="thispal" 'mario's punching pallete
charpalletes$(2)="Linkbgco" 'link's pallete for running
dim charactersizes(4, 2) ' Four characters, one size for their X and one size for their Y
charactersizes(1, 1)=16  'Mario's X_size is 16
charactersizes(1, 2)=32  'Mario's Y_size is 32
charactersizes(2, 1)=64  'Link's X_size is 64
charactersizes(2, 2)=64  'Link's y_size is 64

dim cursor_text$(5)
cursor_text$(2)="Single Player

dim npc_variables(3, 25) 25 npc variables
dim npc_physics(3, 4) 'since ptc allows for negative numbers I dont have to worry too much
'three npc's four physics values
'1 is if their landed or not
'2 is if their falling or not
'3 is their X velocity with knockback and can be + or -
'4 is their y velocity with knockback and can be + or -

'1=npc_x ; 2=npc_y ; 3=npc_playernumber ;4=npc_control number ; 5=npc map_x ; 6=npc map_y
'7=npc_damage_percent ; 8=npc_status ; 9=npc_ai_mode ; 10=npc_held_item ; 11=npc_current_frame
'12=npc_chr_num ; 13=npc_pallete ; 14=npc_knockback ; 15=npc_level ; 16=npc_damage_ratio
'17=npc_knockback_resist ; 18=npc_pose ; 19=npc_fallspeed ; 20=npc_recover_time
'21=npc_pokeball set only if has pokeball
'23=npc_scale ' for scaling and rendering the npc to offscreen slowly or foreground
'24=npc_sprite_priority 'the system will have a sprite priority i'm assuming ptc draws one

sprite over another
'25=reserved //this is reserved. don't ask why. It's just a good idea.

'NPC_Control numbers will ALWAYS be from 5 to 9. That's four npcs in total.

npc_variables(1, 4)=5 'NPC 1 is control number 5
npc_variables(2, 4)=6 'NPC 2 is control number 6
npc_variables(3, 4)=7 'NPC 3 is control number 7
npc_variableS(4, 4)=8 'NPC 4 is control number 8

current_stage=0 'no stage selected! this is important

'=======stage data is unused================

dim stage_data(3, 5) five values for stage data
        '1 is stage_size_X
        '2 is stage_size_y
        '3 stage_bg_file

dim stage_bgs$(5)
dim stage_cols$(5)
dim stage_names$(5)
stage_names$(1)="Yoshi's Bridge"

'just a note . some custom collision detection will
'be needed
'i'm not using offsets



npc_variables(npc_select, 1)=npc_x
npc_variables(npc_select, 2)=npc_y
npc_variables(npc_select, 3)=npc_playernumber
npc_variables(npc_select, 4)=npc_controlnumber
npc_variables(npc_select, 5)=npc_map_x
npc_variableS(npc_select, 6)=npc_map_y
npc_variableS(npc_select, 7)=npc_damage_percent
npc_variableS(npc_select, 8)=npc_status
npc_variableS(npc_select, 9)=npc_ai_mode
npc_variableS(npc_select, 10)=10=npc_held_item
npc_variableS(npc_select, 11)=npc_current_frame
npc_variableS(npc_select, 12)=12=npc_chr_num
npc_variableS(npc_select, 13)=npc_pallete
npc_variableS(npc_select, 14)=npc_knockback
npc_variableS(npc_select, 15)=npc_level
npc_variableS(npc_select, 16)=npc_damage_ratio
npc_variableS(npc_select, 17)=npc_knockback_resist
npc_variableS(npc_select, 18)=npc_pose
npc_variableS(npc_select, 19)npc_fallspeed
npc_variableS(npc_select, 20)=npc_recover_time
npc_variableS(npc_select, 21)=npc_pokeball
npc_variableS(npc_select, 22)=npc_on_screen
npc_variableS(npc_select, 23)=npc_scale
npc_variableS(npc_select, 24)=npc_sprite_priority


npc_x=npc_variables(npc_select, 1)
npc_y=npc_variables(npc_select, 2)
npc_playernumber=npc_variables(npc_select, 3)
npc_control number=npc_variables(npc_select, 4)
npc_map_x=npc_variables(npc_select, 5)
npc_map_y=npc_variableS(npc_select, 6)
npc_damage_percent=npc_variableS(npc_select, 7)
npc_status=npc_variableS(npc_select, 8)
npc_ai_mode =npc_variableS(npc_select, 9)
npc_held_item=npc_variableS(npc_select, 10)
npc_current_frame=npc_variableS(npc_select, 11)
npc_chr_num=npc_variableS(npc_select, 12)
npc_pallete=npc_variableS(npc_select, 13)
npc_knockback=npc_variableS(npc_select, 14)
npc_level=npc_variableS(npc_select, 15)
npc_damage_ratio=npc_variableS(npc_select, 16)
npc_knockback_resist=npc_variableS(npc_select, 17)
npc_pose=npc_variableS(npc_select, 18)
npc_fallspeed=npc_variableS(npc_select, 19)
npc_recover_time=npc_variableS(npc_select, 20)
npc_pokeball=npc_variableS(npc_select, 21)
npc_on_screen=npc_variableS(npc_select, 22)
npc_scale=npc_variableS(npc_select, 23)
npc_sprite_priority=npc_variableS(npc_select, 24)












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