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    This is the start of my so promised PTC tool kit for PC!

    Take a look it is beautiful!!!!! Heeheehee!!!

    Here is another picture showing it processing multiple commands. Please NOTE This application can NOT run code yet. It can ONLY read code.. and is limited at this stage.

    But it will be expanded upon 

    Early Label


    And now I"ve added some stuff to do with goto /gosub heehee Like a label catch if you miss the label. The stack so far is reliable and very nice!! 

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  • GimmeMoreCoinz


    March 20, 2014 by GimmeMoreCoinz

    Here is a screenshot of the currently unreleased version of the zelda map editor.

    Yes I began making this editor overnight.

    Yes I had a base to do it already.

    No it isn't complete.

    Yes it looks nice.

    Yes you wish you made it.

    Yes it will work for other projects in the future.

    LEFT: Bottom screen of editor.

           Right: Top Screen of editor.

    The tileset is the first tileset I've imported it's the same one used in the test engine.

    Yes there's a glitch in the bottom screen with the grid drawing. I'll be fixing it kind of.

    The engine as I develop it will be documented. Keep looking. The full version of the editor and an early version of the new engine will be available for download soon.

    Planned features.

    • Edit Chest Items
    • Create House entrances/exits
    • Switch…

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  • GimmeMoreCoinz


    So I figured out how to go making my own map editor.

    This means I've figured out (simultaneously) how to add collision to large scrolling maps. 

    It's not that hard so I'll blog about it later.

    For now here's something to try out. The editor works use A+D-pad to select tiles.

    Use touch screen to place them.

    Up down left or right will scroll you a whole screen over up or down (Any direction)

    You may modify this to your own delight if you please.

    I take no responsibility for the hours you may spend trying to make a map that you can not save.

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  • GimmeMoreCoinz

    Since I know not everyone likes to read I"ll keep this short.

    Stuff is happening.

    I made a GRP map saver. 

    This one has the data appended to it..


    I drew those numbers onto my map in the other program.

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  • GimmeMoreCoinz

    I quit

    October 7, 2013 by GimmeMoreCoinz

    TobuKatus, and twinsarmageddenz are two members of this community that no one should any longer speak to or tolerate. here's why. They're un ethical.

    Goodbye community. Blame these two individuals for my actions today.

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