All right, title says it all. This is a compilation of those Petit Computer games that are "must plays." Ones that you just HAVE to share. Please feel free to add some to the list. I may add links to the games and descriptions of them later, but for now, go find them yourself. :P Please note that if I do not add your game, it may be that I have not played it.

OK, here goes.

Petit Farm.

Village (Probably my favorite PTC game so far, it is too addictive.)

Petit Slash 2.

Petit Tunnel.

Petit Smash Bros (Early in production, but looks promising.)

Megaman 2 PTC sounds decent.

Pokemon for Petit Computer.


Also, I have been impressed with the progress of Raycraft, and I hope to see more from that.

I know I have missed quite a few great ones, but I am really tired right now, and I may add some more in the morning. Bye!

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