Petit Tunnel Review


This is my review of the game Petit Tunnel, the English version. Thank you for reading. To read the short version, read the comment below.

Overall Rating



The controls of Petit Tunnel are actually very good. Very fluid motions, and not incredibly awkward. 10/10 for this.


This is where I must remove some points for Petit Tunnel. Though it looks fun, as it could be referred to as a Terraria clone, very quickly, it begins to become boring. It turns into the same killing, the same chopping, etc. Worse, when you are using the pickaxe, the sword animation is used. There does not appear to be an incentive for playing, and I feel as though it is the type of game I could put down and walk away from without feeling remorse. I feel cruel saying this, but I feel as though it only deserves 6/10.

Fighting and Monsters

This is probably my least favorite part. I feel as though the fighting could have been completely removed, and little would have been lost from the game, besides the fact that thousands of monsters flooding the place would be gone. 3/10.


The building feature, though it is unique to Petit Computer, once again feels clumsy. It would have been much better to use, say, the touch screen for building instead of placing the block in front of the character. However, since this is an unprecedented feature, I believe that 8/10 is fair, as it is not terrible.


This deserves 10/10, as I could find no glitches, although that was just me.

Saving Progress

This is the absolute worst part about Petit Tunnel. I could find no way to save your progress, and the game simply restarts each time you open it. 0/10 is a fair rating, I believe.

Petit Tunnel - The Verdict

Petit Tunnel is not a bad game, I admit. It has many flaws, though, such as the building, fighting, and the lack of saving. However, it is certainly worth playing, especially if you like Terraria and wish to play the closest thing there currently is. Hopefully this will change soon. Thank you for reading, and please join me next time in my next review.

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