[NOTE: This position will not be limited to current administrators. Regular members are allowed for this position when approved but will be supervised.]

We need people willing to co-maintain the News & Announcements part of the wiki. I'm usually busy with important tasks [playing Minecraft] so I don't have the time to do this regularly. If you're wondering what should go there, here's a list of qualified (but not limited to) topics:

  • Important Announcements on the Wiki (Site Changes, Maintenance Schedules, etc.)
  • Spotlighting and Reviewing Games Published on Petit Computer Wiki (Both Popular and Obscure; Don't be narcissistic about your own game, though.)
  • Programming Tips and Tricks
  • Game Design Advice

Here are the following requirements if you want to join:

  • Try to use correct grammar. An acceptable number of errors shouldn't be a problem as long as it's readable.
  • Stay on topic with the ones given (but not limited to) above.
  • Understand how Wikia's/Wikipedia's HTML markup works.
  • No public drama! EvUr. (Emphasis on the "U".)

These are not required but here are suggestions on how to spice up your article:

To apply, leave a comment below stating that you're applying for this position on this article. We'll determine who will receive this position based on the community's reaction. There will be two slots available as of now.

As always, suggestions are welcome. Let me know whether if I missed something like grammar or adding an extra topic above as a reference. The requirements still feels a bit incomplete and there may be tips for writing you may want to share. Let me know what you think and I'll update this article.