Petit Computer Wiki has teamed up with Google. The wiki will now require mandatory Google+ integration. The requirement will take place on this date: Gapril -1, 4269. All accounts that has not linked with Google+ will be permanently deleted along with their associated contributions. If you like to continue using Petit Computer Wiki, please integrate as soon as possible. Else, you will not be able to view, add, edit, nor comment content. There will be no exceptions.

All advertisement revenue earnings will go directly to Google Inc. A user must be required to click at least one Google AdSense advertisement per hour. Failure to do so will result into a 1 year ban on the associated account. Average earnings are 0.0000000001 Bitcoin per year.

Also, I like meemoos. Happy January Fools or whatever. I'm too impatient until April. This was just a test post for the front page "News & Announcements" tab.