Well, here's my first Petit Computer game review. Here' I'll talk about its core gameplay, graphics, and sound and other elements. First, let's take a look at Tristones. You can take a look here for the QR codes.


Honestly, I would be lying if I didn't have any fun with Tristones. It's easy for any casual gamer to pick up and play and hardcore gamers will consider wasting a few minutes with it. It's noticeably very similar to Terraria and the other Terraria clone, Petit Tunnel. That's just the surface of it. It has a LOT of gameplay flaws. The one the bothers me the most is that it doesn't have a save feature. Yes, all my progress on journeying to hell is gone one I press the power button. The long loading times doesn't help, either. Your world is gone after each session and you have to wait a few minutes every time you start a new game. The world generator is an eyesore most of the time. It also conflicts the gameplay. For example, it's starts from a weird-looking ledge to a clusterf*ck of tiles. Did I mention you have wait for each part of the map to load everytime you go offscreen? (I climb up, wait for it to load, get's knocked back down by a mob, it loads again.) There isn't crafting but you have to purchase items from a the shop you spawn next to. Obtaining gold is a total grindfest, unfortunately, and combat is similar to Petit Tunnel but buggier. Digging is as simple as stabbing things. That's all. It ruins the game's immersion on going deeper.

Score: 6/10


This game lacks a story, but it's a rather simple game it really doesn't need one. The closest thing to a story is the shop you spawn next to in the beginning of the game. I think the real story is told through gameplay and I find that quite deep.

Score: 8/10 5/10

Due to complaints of this score being too high, I'm lowering it.


The title screen looks pretty cool and the first screen of the game looks promising. However, it get ugly as you play more. As you venture deeper, it's just a palette swap. It doesn't look interesting at all but just the same blocks in different conflicting colors. The character animations looks good but it's too generic, especially with that sword. Also, most of it is just stock graphics preloaded in Petit Computer.

Score: 5/10


It's simply just the stock sound effects preloaded in Petit Computer. However, I do like the title theme.

Score: 6/10

Overall Score

I really tried giving this game a chance but there's just too many flaws for it to be enjoyed fully. So my final rating for this game is a creeper out of 10.

Score: 6/10

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