• BrianXP7

    Hello, this is your friendly neighborhood administrator. (Okay, I'll cut to the chase.) Anyway, I've been experimenting with some Javascript and I've added some minor site enhancements. Here's what I've done so far.

    First, there's a UTC clock on the top right corner. It should look something like this:

    Not much really but it seems like a nice secondary clock to those achievement hunters out there going for the contribution streak.

    Secondly, it's the long-planned user tags we've lost interest in waiting since November! Why revamp them? Because they're boring and are in need of improvements. The tags that were formerly displaying "admin", "chat moderator", "blocked", etc. are now replaced with a overhauled ranking system. My good friend, Davon,…

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  • BrianXP7

    UPDATE: This will take effect immediately as community agreed to it.

    There will be a new system under consideration for featured content on the homepage. Instead replacing the slider altogether we'll feature new content [leftmost] (usually what's voted by the community, currently trending, or a "spotlight" to something underrated/overlooked) while replacing the oldest featured content [rightmost]. The reason for this is the need to minimize larger edits. This makes it easier for me and other admins to quickly feature something. (Such as when we're at school and want to make a quick change instead of spending a while looking for images and research.) It's also not as intimidating so we wound start and then leave it unpublished/unfinished late…

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  • BrianXP7

    News Writers: Help Wanted

    February 12, 2014 by BrianXP7

    [NOTE: This position will not be limited to current administrators. Regular members are allowed for this position when approved but will be supervised.]

    We need people willing to co-maintain the News & Announcements part of the wiki. I'm usually busy with important tasks [playing Minecraft] so I don't have the time to do this regularly. If you're wondering what should go there, here's a list of qualified (but not limited to) topics:

    • Important Announcements on the Wiki (Site Changes, Maintenance Schedules, etc.)
    • Spotlighting and Reviewing Games Published on Petit Computer Wiki (Both Popular and Obscure; Don't be narcissistic about your own game, though.)
    • Programming Tips and Tricks
    • Game Design Advice

    Here are the following requirements if you want …

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  • BrianXP7

    Google+ Integration

    January 27, 2014 by BrianXP7

    Petit Computer Wiki has teamed up with Google. The wiki will now require mandatory Google+ integration. The requirement will take place on this date: Gapril -1, 4269. All accounts that has not linked with Google+ will be permanently deleted along with their associated contributions. If you like to continue using Petit Computer Wiki, please integrate as soon as possible. Else, you will not be able to view, add, edit, nor comment content. There will be no exceptions.

    All advertisement revenue earnings will go directly to Google Inc. A user must be required to click at least one Google AdSense advertisement per hour. Failure to do so will result into a 1 year ban on the associated account. Average earnings are 0.0000000001 Bitcoin per year.


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  • BrianXP7


    December 18, 2013 by BrianXP7

    So, anything I missed over that last few months?

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