• Abgar

    So I added a furniture item to Petit Forest that looks like a painting easel and as I sat there staring at it I thought it would be cool if it worked.

    So I have been creating a new version of my old program DotArtist to add it to Petit Forest before I release the update.

    It will work just like dot artist (color big pixels on a grid by touching them) but with a color palette instead of just four shades of grey.

    I just wonder, would it be nicer to compress the painting and save it in the same file as the rest of the game, or having a dedicated file for it alone (saving it as-is)?


    Btw, Either way it will be limited to a single painting at a time. No file naming.

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  • Abgar

    So, since the upcoming update will feature 32 new furniture pieces I had to accommodate the space in the shop accordingly.

    Now instead of two sets of wall+flooring, there will be one each day. The other two spaces will be used to keep a piece of resource storage and an useful item.

    The furniture spaces are still there, but the furniture will be distributed in a different way to feature the new pieces.

    So, in other words, now six spaces on the shop will be for furniture.

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  • Abgar

    Petit Forest "Storage Items"

    February 22, 2014 by Abgar

    Here is the second set of useful furnitures I'm making.

    I call them storages and their gimmick is that they can be sold for the same price they were bought, effectively being a way to save your resources in a "physical" form.

    Right now they cost 6000 pts of their respective colors, with the mixed one being 2000 for each, but I can change it it you guys think they would be more useful for bigger or smaller prices.

    All the other furnitures I have created so far are merely for decoration (and you can see some in the pic). If anyone has ideas of what kind of special furniture would be useful, please share them! If they are not too extravagant I may use them,

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  • Abgar

    Petit Forest Pedestal item

    February 20, 2014 by Abgar

    As I mentioned In the page of the game, I plan to add more furniture items to Petit Forest, mostly decorative things. This is one I already have working: the pedestal!

    The big thing about it, is that you can place food items on it to transform them into furniture (like the golden fish in the example), the change is one-way only but the items retain their value plus that of the pedestal.

    There's a total of 11 variations of it, one for each food and the original.

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  • Abgar

    Petit Forest Lava lava

    February 16, 2014 by Abgar

    So, now that water and lava in Petit Forest look so awesome thanks to Randomous' animation code, I went and did something I aways wanted to do:

    The lava is now always bright! Like all good lava should.

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