Traceur Run

General Info
Genre(s): Miscellaneous
Contributor(s): Darius Steighler, Devon Goodman, Donutsaucer
Release Date: 2014
Development Status: Stable
Version: 7.0.0
Size: Unknown
Mode(s): Single-Player
Language(s): English, (French?)


Created In: 2014

Publisher: Donutsaucer

Tech Created By: Darius Steighler & Devon Goodman.

We finally just finished Version 7.0.0 (We work a lot xD) But there are still many bugs in it and we are working our best to squash dem :3

We are also working with a French-Canadian programmer friend of mine who is currently working on the French version!!! :D It'll be a while but its coming soon :D

We are open to new Content creators to help with future versions of the game. To publish your own ask us. To help us get in touch, by emailing:


Welcome! This is to introduce a new Text Adventure called "Traceur Run." Traceur run is a parkour game, where you choose what to do and then go to the next obstacle. Created in 2014 By Darius Steighler and Devon Goodman, two professional Game Designers.

It's not the best game right now, but its veryyyyy early in Development. It doesn't have everything just yet. Right now it's just showing the beginning of the game to show how you got to where you are.


We are always updating, and making new version, and fixing bugs. I think we're already on version 5.1.3 in about two weeks. Eventually, this game will have pictures, which will be created on something other than Petit Computer and available on Steam. My Co-Developer is working on future scripts right now, so we can make the game bigger. Also pretty soon, We're going to add things you can see, like when you do a move it'll pull up a mini loop of a 8-Bit character doing the move and it will loop until you choose next move.


We've made lots of changes, including color, getting rid of the keyboard at certain parts, fixed bugs, added new languages.


7.0.0 Now!

6.7.8 (Released)











1.0 (Initial Release)


Traceur Run

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