Town of Salem
Town of Salem

General Info
Genre(s): Awesomeness
Contributor(s): Me
Release Date: 28/8/2014
Development Status: Alpha
Version: 0.3
Size: 2'896
Mode(s): Single-Player
Language(s): English

Town of Salem... That thing I'm getting addicted to.

Have fun experimenting the Alpha stage of the program where you can't do anything.


  • You can't do anything yet


Alpha 0.1Edit

  • First saved version
  • Day and Night system using VSYNC

Alpha 0.2Edit

  • Creating players data
  • Creating roleset (The classic one)

Alpha 0.3Edit

  • First released version
  • Adding Game messages like Good night, village
  • Adding some minor graphics
  • Adding "debug" stuff
  • Adding Voting Phase, even if useless for now

Future PlansEdit

Alpha 0.4Edit

  • Adding a roleset of 30 (yup, not 29) players for future testing
  • Adding more minor graphics
  • Adding the information about your role on the touch screen (using DATA)

Alpha 0.5, The A.I. UpdateEdit

Making the Sheriff and the Mafioso playable!

  • Adding a Sheriff that will interrogate randomly one person each night
  • Adding a Mafioso that will murder randomly one person each night
  • If the Sheriff finds the Mafioso, it will tell the Town
  • Everyone in the town can vote on Voting Phase, if they wish to
  • You can win as both Sheriff (lynching the Mafioso) and Mafioso (killing the Sheriff)

It'll be all about luck in that version :P

Videos and ScreenshotsEdit

  • None yet.


Town of Salem


  • Game in development. Suggest things or give feedback in comments!


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