Just a simple port of Touhou music that needs improvements.


  • Version 0.3: You only have to load your music from the "Write Program" section and run it.
  • Version 0.4: Run the program in the gallery and choose your music (from 1 to 17).


Version 0.3Edit

  • Initial release.
  • All EoSD musics, scanned separately.

Version 0.4 Edit

  • All EoSD musics in the same program.

Future PlansEdit

Version 0.5 Edit

  • All EoSD musics fixes and improvements

Version 0.6Edit

  • All PCB musics, scanned separately.

Version 0.7 Edit

  • All PCB musics in the same program.

Version 0.9 Edit

  • All IN musics, scanned separately.

Version 1.0Edit

  • Final release.
  • All IN musics in the same program.
  • Some kind of "Main Program" to load musics from the 3 programs.



---^ 0.4 ^-------v 0.3 v---

Touhou 6

Click on the one you want, then select "See full size image".


No license applied as of now.


Here's the exact order the QRs appear for the 0.3 version:

  1. A Dream that is more Scarlet than Red
  2. A Soul that is Red, like a Ground Cherry
  3. Apparitions Stalk the Night
  4. Lunate Elf
  5. Tomboyish Girl in Love
  6. Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea
  7. Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17
  8. Voile, the Magic Library
  9. Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room
  10. The Maid and the Pocket Watch of Blood
  11. Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial
  12. The Young Descendant of Tepes
  13. Septette for a Dead Princess
  14. The Centennial Festival for Magical Girls
  15. U.N. Owen was Her?
  16. An Eternity that is More Transient than Scarlet
  17. Crimson Tower ~ Eastern Dream...


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