TORCH Application Screenshot

General Info
Contributor(s): Clavier141
Release Date: 4th June, 2014
Development Status: Final
Version: 1.0.1
Size: 2000B (2KB)
Mode(s): Single-Player
Language(s): English

A simple torchlight application for Petit Computer DSiWare for DSi and 3DS. It has 12 colours and an on-off switch and can display the light on both screens. Enjoy.


  • Tap colour - Change the light to that colour (displays light on one screen when tapped and displaying on both screens)
  • Tap Switch - Turn light on/off
  • Any Button - Display the colour of light on both screens (displays light on one screen when pressed again)
  • Select/Tap "Quit" - Exit the application


Version 1.0.1Edit

  • Can now display light on both screens
  • Turning the switch off now hides the colour menu on the bottom screen

Version 1.0.0Edit

  • Initial Release



QR to download the Torch/Flashlight app.


"No license applied as of now."


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