• Hey forums!

    After thinking that there would be no real Mario Maker for 3DS, getting the WiiU version, waiting for 1.0.7 of the Mario Maker PTC we already have, and getting enraged that NOW freaking maro maker comes to 3DS, I started <another> unofficial port.

    Currently I just have a basic editor in-progress and the graphics files I put together and transferred with Petit Utilities (thx PTCUtilities, ;]) but within a few days to a week, I should be able to get a demo out, assuming school doesn't give me too much homework.

    This is not going to have EVERYTHING the Mario Maker WiiU has, but it's for DSi/3DS so that's not TOO surprising. It should have, at least...

    • Super Mario Bros [1] Graphics
    • Basic Powerups (Mushroom & Fireflower)
    • Basic enemies (Goomba, Koopa Troopa, Paratroopa, Bullet Bill Cannons, etc.)

    If all goes well, warp pipes to a bonus zone would be a welcome addition, but that's a little further away.

    Just wanted to get this out there, have a nice day!

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    • UPDATE OCT 2 2016:

      Hello forums! I finally worked out physics, it took a little longer than expected, but now you can actually land on blocks, haha! There are no left-right collision yet, but that will be much the same thing I already have.

      To do: 

      • Flagpole so the level can end
      • Finish player physics and BG-scroll physics
      • Get enemy graphics and PTCUtility them over to start coding a goomba

      By the time I finish some of these, I can probably get a <very buggy>  demo out!

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    • UPDATE FEB 25 2017

      Believe it or not, this isn't dead! I was having trouble with lag and glitches creating levels, so I am redesigning the system now after an inspiration I had the other day. So, on my revised to-do list...

      • Flagpole (probably still important)
      • Recreate BG drawing routines, rewrite some of player physics (collisions will now be different)
      • Fix lags in editor (Very much needed, no idea how though.)

       Sorry to anyone who may or may not have been waiting for these delays. :(

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    • well im glad to see this isnt dead

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    • RESTART JUNE 28 2017

      Now that I have time, I want to recreate the graphics files. So now I pretty much am restarting the entire thing. This time I want the editor to be a lot better, and the graphics palettes need to make sense, which was a problem before.

      Feel free to pester me to actually make progress! ^_^

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    • UPDATE AUGUST 4 2017

      Hey! Progress!

      The editor is working again, and I'm working on adding graphics. The color palettes are fixed now, progress on blocks and such. Need to make a nicer block selection other than up and down, but that's next on the list.

      To anyone who may be reading this, what do you think is a good set of styles to try and use? I was thinking SMB1, the SMB2 that looks mostly like 1 (simpler because I won't need to recreate the colors again, ugh) SMB3, and if possible SMW.

      Any thoughts?

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    • J8B

      I don't like the "NES" so SMW would be great. :D

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    • How do I get to this thing?

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    • @ There isn't a release yet, closest thing is the version Berneyvonbean made:

      NEWS OCTOBER 14 2017

      Bad news for anyone waiting for this: PTCUtilites will not work properly and keeps crashing/freezing/failing to load color palettes, which means I'll have to create the manually and then transfer the PTC files back for QR converstion.

      Also, schoolwork. Progress is slow. x.x

      I don't know when I'll be able to, but I'm still going to finish this.

      Anyone know how to make PTCUtilites run properly on Windows 10? I think that Windows is causing the problem since it worked fine on a Mac I used when I started this project.

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    • UPDATE JUNE 18 2018

      Wow this is taking a while. Unfortunately for me, I can't let things go and I'm still trying to get at least 'something' finished.

      PTCUtilities is 'usable' for now, which means I've been able to add physics, finish the graphics for the first version, and I'm slowly improving the editor controls to be easier to use. The good news is that so far, it seems to be running at ~60FPS in-game. My main problem with the existing version of Mario Maker PTC is that scrolling was slow and dropped the framerate, so I'm trying to optimize my version against choppy gameplay.

      List of finished things:

      • Basic editor functionality
      • Basic physics
      • Graphics

      List of work-in-progress things:

      • Enemies/AI
      • "Special" interactions (Hitting ? Blocks, collecting coins etc.)
      • BG Scrolling: Functional but still slightly broken.

      List of things to look at later:

      • Sound/Music
      • Extra styles (not actually hard to create, but time-devouring)
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