The Cookie Game

General Info
Contributor(s): User:Bunmi2002
Release Date: Late September, 2013
Development Status: Dead
Version:  ???
Size:  ???
Mode(s): Single-player
Language(s): English

The cookie game!Edit

Once, I saw one of my sibling playing this cookie clicker game ( where you click to get cookies and you can buy stuff which get you cookies, its really good, so I designed a spin off for DSi/(2)3DS (XL/LL)

"The cookie game" is no longer being worked on. A new version has been released by LeviCelJir.Edit


the game is simple, you earn cookies by holding the touchscreen, once you earn 50 cookies you can go to the store by pressing A, the actions page by pressing B and the achievements bar with Y.

Touchscreen - Tap to get cookies

A button - Go to the store

B button - Go to the actions page

Y button - Go to the achivements page

Version 1.0Edit

  • Grannys and clickers avalible in store
  • Clickers act without activation
  • game ends when you get 99,999 cookies
  • Menu

Future Version 1.1 Edit

Will be released next year due to a lot of crap going into the game and I will be doing a total remake of the game

This cookie game has almost been finishedEdit

I am a new game dev, but I will still post my version of my game in the qr code spot I will tell you when Im finished



Restored by Lumage (bad filename)


Restored by Lumage (bad filename)


Restored by Lumage (bad filename)


The PRG. Source code below.

If you would like to help!Edit

If you would like to help or are shy to comment here then please feel free to email me on

my blog:


Bunmi Davies - Developer

Special thanksEdit

A big thank you to User:IAmAPersson and User:Snoremac for getting on the QR codes, and also to User:Sparkystream for fixing up all the game bugs, this wouldn't be here without you! 

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