Talking Tom! Petit Computer Edition
TPhoto 00001

General Info
Contributor(s): NintendoBossMaster27
Release Date: January 17, 2014;Updated on eJanuary 23, 2014
Development Status: Final & Cancelled
Version: Beta 1.5
Size: 2900KB
Mode(s): Single-Player
Language(s): English

Talking Tom on Petit Computer! :D

Here is the very first (I think) Talking Tom on Petit Computer! 3 or 4 hours went into this program, so I hope you like it! I tried my very best on this app, because I felt like it, so please download it, and give it a try. It suxs tho btw and it's cancelled.


Talk to Tom (With keyboard)

Tom will repeat everything you say.

Beta 1.0 (Previous)Edit

-Added Music

-Added Tom

-First Release

Beta 1.5 Edit

Updated on January 23, 2014

-Added Title Screen

-Bug fixes

-Now Tom has a new look!

-Loading screen

-Tom makes a pitching voice while talking now!

Version 2.0 (Full Version plans)Edit

-The Full Version Update! (Not final, still going to be updated, but this is no longer the BETA version.)

-Bug Fixes

-Lots of new features (Maybe)

-Some stuff are not planned yet, but stay tuned.

-Coming TBA (Maybe at the end of February or the beginning of March) -actually nothing bc this is cancelled

Future PlansEdit

  • Nothing it's cancelled

Videos and ScreenshotsEdit

TPhoto 00001

Talking Tom Screenshot


Beta 1.5


Previous Update (DO NOT DOWNLOAD)

Here are some videos and screenshots of my program that I made.Edit


Download the file here! ->on the side!Edit

License (IMPORTANT!)Edit

This application is in no way endorsed or associated with Out Fit 7 ltd. and does not own the name Talking Tom. Created by NintendoBossMaster27 App can be edited, but publishing will have to be up to me first. Talking Tom: Petit Computer Edition's name belongs to me, but not the Talking Tom part, it belongs to-you know who, I already said it. (FACEPALM)The name of this app belongs to me, so do not use it for any other applications or games, or will be reported for Copyright. I am not an admin, but this is very important, and must be read before downloading.

-(NintendoBossMaster27) Jk do whatever u want with this



Forever cancelled.

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