I'm going to tell you how you can take screenshots of your PTC games!

If you are going to just have GRP in your program then, great! This'll be easy! If you have sprites and text, it may be a bit difficult.

To take a screenshot of GRP, it's very simple.

IF BUTTON() AND <screenshot button> THEN SAVE "GRP<page>:<name>"

Okay, let's say you want to take multiple screenshots.






Okay, we have our screenshots, but they're in GRP. We want something like GIF. So, save the GRP files to an SD card, then load the card into your computer. Get the program PTCUtilities, and open it up. Click GRP Editor. Open up your SD card and navigate to the screenshot files. Click and drag a screenshot into the GRP editor, and it should load up. just click export and you have a screenshot! This is how I took the screenshots of Raycast.

Now, this will not save text, sprites, or backgrounds. This will probably need some post-processing. I should have written how to do that last year. I didn't though. Badger me so I get this done.

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