Want GRPs of screenshots from your favorite games? Here you go! Request in the comments. You MUST have the following:

  • System
  • Game
  • Where in the game

These you don't need to have, but it will be alot easier for me to create it:

  • Image you want (Use a link for an image, like upload to Wikia, or you can use something like imagr)
  • What and where in your game will you use it

Systems for GRPSEdit

The following systems can be converted. The ###x### is the recommended resolution.

  1. NES, 256x240
  2. SNES, 256x224
  3. SEGA Genesis, 320x224
  4. SEGA Game Gear, 160x144


  1. Nintendo DS, 256x192 (PERFECT RESOLUTION!!!!)
  2. Nintendo 64, 320x240
  3. Game Boy, 160x144
  4. Nintendo GameCube, 640x448
  5. Nintendo 3DS (bottom screen only.), 320x240

For Game Boy and Sega Game Gear, a frame can be put around it. (Optional, only if you want it to be standard resolution)

Future PlansEdit

Will try to work on some more systems.

Videos and ScreenshotsEdit


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