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Survival is now cancelled due to us upgrading to SmileBASIC. Please check our dashboard for more info.Edit

Survival (Bombfresh))
Survival screen

General Info
Genre(s): Genre(s) (Action, Adventure), Games
Contributor(s): Contributor(s) (Bombfresh
Release Date: Release Date} (July 15, 2015)
Development Status: Current Development Status: Planning the MODS section to be available in version 1.3. May add allies in version 1.2.
Version: Version 1.0.75
Size: [PRG-29844] [CHR-8204] (Bytes, we believe...)
Mode(s): Game Modes} The only mode... Survival mode.
Language(s): Language} English

The biggest number is 524287.

Play this game of Survival where you, as seemingly the last survivor, have to fight and survive as long as possible against an endless amount of enemies.

Very few glitches detected. we did 103 tests.

WARNING: If you do not download both files, then the game will not work. AT ALL (You can still download the other and it will start working)


The game pretty much tells you everything exept battling. Use the touch screen for battling.

Survival Ranks (NEW!)Edit

Rank (2)



Version 0.4Edit

  • Soooo many battle glitches, shop incorrectly generated, and no potions.

Version 0.8Edit

  • Bosses are really rare, like diamonds, shop was done but had a few bugs. Enemies gained stronger REALLY fast, and at round 5, they did <10 damage. Poop glitch (Brown slime, not kidding)

Version 1.0Edit

  • Initial Release. Very few, rare, battle glitches, bosses are not really rare, and no shop bugs. Potion and Food option finished. Enemies are still OP, but only at about round 18 and higher. Also, a secret added (Don't ask, please)

Version 1.0.5Edit

Modified secret. Saving works now, and less bugs. May add a Bug detecter in the game later on. 2 More enemies.

Future PlansEdit

Look below.

Version 1.0.75 Edit

Adding Copyright In-Game.

Bombfresh store will be complete.

A few stuff worth modifying, and I might take (Anonymous)'s idea of spells and status effects.

- And some other random crap (I dunno yet, man!)

Version 1.1Edit

Allies may be added. Less battle glitches. Another secret (Don't ask, please) will be added.

Version 1.2Edit

More stuff to choose from in the shop, less battle glitches. Another secret :3 (Don't ask, please)

Version 1.3Edit

No battle glitches, A FINAL BOSS may be added.


Survival VER 1.1

Survival 1.0.5 PRG.

Survival VER 1.1 CHR

The BGF file (VERY important)


"No license applied as of now. But please... do not plagerise."


There is still bugs, but few of them. If you haven't downloaded both of the files, then this game will not work.


Bombfresh (Yup, only us...)

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