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Super Mario Bros. 3
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General Info
Genre(s): Platform
Contributor(s): Pokeyoshi19, Sparkystream
Release Date: September 27, 2013
Development Status: Alpha
Version: 0.2
Size: 49'100 B
Mode(s): Single-Player
Language(s): English

Here it is, Super Mario Bros. 3 for Petit Computer!


  • A -> Jump, Select
  • B -> Run
  • Up/Left/Right/Down -> Move


Alpha 0.2Edit

  • Blue bar showing informations
  • Title screen (No animation)
  • Small improvements
  • Every sprites and backgrounds sheets remade
  • "Help!" bubble text on the map
  • Touch screen improved

Alpha 0.1Edit

  • The first World Map
  • A part of World 1-1, but Collision and monsters aren't in
  • Many bugs about animations
  • Two musics, and a simple sound effect

Future PlansEdit

  • Note: Please report the bugs!

Alpha 0.3Edit

  • Remaking the engine for the level, there will be no more bugs.
  • Fixing the bugs with Mario animations.
  • Adding some of the title screen animations.

Alpha 0.4Edit

  • Collisions (And coin collecting)
  • Monsters

Alpha 0.5Edit

  • World 1-1

Alpha 1.0Edit

  • World 1 should be done

Beta 1.0Edit

  • World 3 should be done

Stable 1.0Edit

  • I wish the game will be same as the NES game, even if it can't be.


SMB3 Alpha 0.1

SMB3 vA0.2


  • For now, this game is buggy and there's nothing interesting in. That's why it's "Alpha".
  • I need sound effects.


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