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Super Mario Bros. 3
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General Info
Genre(s): Awesomeness
Contributor(s): Me
Release Date: September 27th, 2013 / November 18th, 2013
Development Status: Alpha
Version: 0.2
Size: 49'100 B
Mode(s): Single-Player
Language(s): English

Super Mario Bros. 3 for Petit Computer.


  • A -> Jump, Select
  • B -> Run
  • Up/Down/Left/Right -> Move


Alpha 0.2Edit

  • Blue bar showing informations.
  • Title screen (No animation).
  • Small improvements.
  • Every sprites and backgrounds sheets remade.
  • "Help!" bubble text on the map.
  • Touch screen improved.

Alpha 0.1Edit

  • The first World Map.
  • A part of World 1-1, but collision and monsters aren't in.
  • Many animation bugs.
  • Two musics, and a simple sound effect.

Future PlansEdit

  • Please report bugs! (They're all reported, so don't worry.)
  • Please understand that most of the updates may never come.

Alpha 0.3 Edit

  • Cleaning the code to improve engines and save a lot of space.
  • Implementing a totally new engine using backgrounds and data.
  • Remaking all background and sprite sheets so we have everything we need for World 1.
  • Improving Mario's physics and animations.
  • Adding more title screen animations. Trying to figure out how to make the animations not take 300+ lines.
  • Completing World 1-1.

Alpha 0.4Edit

  • Implementing the stuff shown on the blue bar (time, power, score, money, lives.)
  • Making special tiles work (? blocks, P switch, coins, mushroom/tanooki/1up, etc.)
  • Adding death (enemies, falling in the void, being out of time.)
  • Adding enemies.

Alpha 0.5Edit

  • Fixing the rest of Mario's physics and animations.
  • Adding the rest of the title screen's animations.
  • Adding animation of when you finish the stage (Y'know, with the firework!)

Alpha 0.6 Edit

  • Fixing all kinds of bugs you guys will find for me.

Alpha 1.0Edit

  • World 1 should be done.

Beta 1.0Edit

  • World 4 should be done.

Final 1.0Edit

  • I wish the game could be the same as the original NES game, even if it can't be.


Only scan one version! The files don't have the same names between versions. I greatly recommend you to scan the latest version, which is obviously better. Have fun! SMB3 vA0.2

SMB3 Alpha 0.1


  • Q: Why am I stuck in the middle of the first stage?
  • A: I haven't programmed the whole stage yet.
  • Q: How can I help?
  • A: Unless you can help with things I ask for in the Notes section, you can't help, sorry.
  • Q: I can't read the QRs! / QRs are missing!
  • A: It's your problem, don't ask me about that. (Hint: Click on the pic to zoom!)


  • If anyone wants to help, I need the sound effects.
  • I'm not going to bring this game on SmileBASIC, because now there's upload copyrights.


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