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Super Mario Bros. 3
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General Info
Genre(s): Platform
Contributor(s): Pokeyoshi19
Release Date: September 27th, 2013 / November 18th, 2013
Development Status: Alpha
Version: 0.2
Size: 49'100 B
Mode(s): Single-Player
Language(s): English

Here it is, Super Mario Bros. 3 for Petit Computer..!

I am NOT responsible of the release date for the 0.3 update. If you feel like not being able to wait anymore, please blame GimmeMoreCoinz, he/she/it is responsible of the new engine that is supposed to be as efficient as MegaMan2's. And even if you yell on Coinz, the update won't come any faster. Don't worry, it will be released before September 1st.


  • A -> Jump, Select
  • B -> Run
  • Up/Down/Left/Right -> Move


Alpha 0.2Edit

  • Blue bar showing informations.
  • Title screen (No animation).
  • Small improvements.
  • Every sprites and backgrounds sheets remade.
  • "Help!" bubble text on the map.
  • Touch screen improved.

Alpha 0.1Edit

  • The first World Map.
  • A part of World 1-1, but collision and monsters aren't in.
  • Many bugs about animations.
  • Two musics, and a simple sound effect.

Future PlansEdit

  • Please report the bugs!
  • Please understand that the updates might never come.
  • Italic ones mean it's done.

Alpha 0.3Edit

  • Making a new engine for the stages (Coinz's doing it). No more weird tile bugs and you will probably be able to make custom levels.
  • Adding the rest of the stage.
  • Adding collision.
  • Fixing some bugs with Mario animations.
  • Adding some of the title screen animations.
  • Translating the game in French.

Alpha 0.4Edit

  • Implementing the stuff shown on the blue bar (Time, power, score, money, lives).
  • Adding monsters.
  • Making special tiles work (? blocks, P switch, coins, mushrooms/tanookis/1up, etc).

Alpha 0.5Edit

  • Fixing all stuff that needs to be fixed (Ex. Mario animations).
  • Adding the rest of the title screen animations.
  • Adding animation of when you finish the stage (Y'know, with the firework...).

Alpha 0.6Edit

  • World 1-2, and probably World 1-3 too.

Alpha 1.0Edit

  • World 1 should be done.

Beta 1.0Edit

  • World 3 should be done.

Final 1.0Edit

  • I wish the game will be same as the NES game, even if it can't be.


SMB3 Alpha 0.1

SMB3 vA0.2


  • Q: Why is it stuck at the middle of the stage?
  • A: I didn't program the whole stage yet... *sigh*
  • Q: I can't read the QRs / Stuff is missing
  • A: It's your problem, don't yell to me about that. (Hint: Click on the pic to zoom)
  • Q: Is the guy making this dead?
  • A: Lolno, I'm just busy with more stuff.


  • I need sound effects. Like, really.


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