General Info
Genre(s): Action/Arcade
Contributor(s): Minxrod, Mindo
Release Date: August 2014
Development Status: Final
Version: 2.0.0
Size: Unknown, sorry.
Mode(s): Single-Player
Language(s): English

Starlight is a simple game of tapping. You touch the falling stars and other objects to earn points. You can also earn achievements, track your stats, and rank up! There are two versions.


To play, click on the Start option. Then, once the countdown finishes, start tapping all the falling stars as fast as you can!


Version 2.0.0Edit

  • Added gold stars/platinum comets, pause option, bug fixes, and minor changes to other things, ranking system changed too. (available for download)

Version 1.8.2Edit

  • Added EXP, and new ranks/rank system. (available for download)

Version 1.8.1Edit

  • Fixed bug with sharing the game.

Version 1.8.0Edit

  • Added Custom mode, another 2 achievements and 'menu stars'

Version 1.7.1Edit

  • Added more achievements, fixed another save glitch problem. Added rankings

Version 1.6.0Edit

  • Fixed another bug with graphics for achievements, added new achievements.

Version 1.4.0Edit

  • Fixed minor bugs with the game, and added easy mode.

Version 1.2.0Edit

  • Fixed about all the major bugs with save-data corruption.

Version 1.0.0Edit

  • Initial Release

Future PlansEdit

Possibly music, and/or a mode where you can only miss a certain number of stars.

If I get back to working on this game after the medals system I am going to try to optimize a lot of my code. I have a really inefficent system for storing variables and making sure they're correct. I need to fix that bit, it probably makes up 20% of my program (probably exaggerating)

Might also never finish :P

Videos and ScreenshotsEdit

None yet.


QRs for version 1.8.2 are at in that image.

QRs for version 2.0.0 are at in that image.


No license applied as of now.


If you get your file corrupted somehow, use the ERASE DATA option under OPT. part of the menu, and 'erase' your file. Then, immediately save - it will save the variables still stored as your new file - without the corrupted version. (Seemed to work well for data corruption) You keep the same username.

You can have both version 1.8.2 and 2.0.0 at the same time; 1.8.2 is saved as 'STARS' and 2.0.0 is saved as 'STARS2'.


  • Minxrod - main programmer
  • Mindo - helped test certain parts of the game & gave ideas for the game

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