Sparky's Drawing GRP Service

Hi, I'll be happy to draw things for you, such as Stages, or characters for your games.


My pics will be sent as A GRP File, and a COL File, just so you know.


-If you want a custom background/character, just describe it, and if you have an idea as a picture, send/link it to me.

-If you want a background/character put on PTC,from something already existing, send me a picture of whatever's already made, for example, you want Final Destination from SSBB, send me a picture of Final Destination.

-Tell me where you want it sent to (Skype=Give your username, Email=give you email), If you don't put something, I'll use a file sharing service.

Additional stuff

If you want music for your background,like a fitting song for a background,like a grp of green greens, with the green greens theme, go request it here~


I hand-draw these! It could look terrible, but I'll try for best quality.

Put your requests at...


-My page


Other helpers of my service

None....'n' Become one today?

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