Sonic PTC: Got Past Ramps Edition
Snapshot 20141019

General Info
Genre(s): Action, Platform
Contributor(s): MYCRAFTisbest, Pixel-Voxel, Programgamer
Release Date: October 19, 2014
Development Status: MOD
Version: 1.0.0 (based off 0.9.3)
Size: UNKNOWN Bytes (MANY Kilobytes)
Mode(s): Single-Player
Language(s): English

THIS IS NOT REAL, THIS WAS A GAG AND STILL IS. (but the spin-dash works)

For the first time on PTC... It's Sonic with ramps and loops!

If an error occurs, a loop made out of text appears. If this happens, just re-scan everything and try running it again.



  • D-Pad: Left and Right to walk, Down to duck, prepare spindash, and (when moving) roll.
  • A: Jump and (after jumping) Jump Dash.
  • B: Charge spin dash by tapping repeatedly while holding D-Pad DOWN
  • Start: Switch to "debug" mode.

"Debug" modeEdit

  • D-Pad: Move cursor.
  • A: Place tile.
  • B: Save level.
  • X or Y: Switch to the previous or next room respectively.
  • L and R: Switch to previous and next tile respectively.
  • Start: Switch to Sonic.


  • Jump on them to kill them

Ramps and loopsEdit

  • Allow for a more authentic sonic experience



  • Added ramps and loops
  • Fixed SpinDash physics
  • Added a Badnick (Moto Bug)
  • Code made using a modified version of Sonic (Alpha - 0.9.3)


MADE FROM Sonic_PTC:_Got_Past_Conceptualization_Edition


Sonic PTC: Got Past Ramps Edition

The download is above


No license applied.


The game's file name is just SONRAMP.


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