Snakes vs aliens
General Info
Contributor(s): user:Elftiger
Release Date: January 31,2015
Development Status: final
Version: 2.0.2
Size: 21kb
Mode(s): Single-player,multiplayer
Language(s): English


d-pad to move up or down. a place rock (only in snake mode). more info in game.


complete game

version 1.0.0Edit

initial release

version 1.0.1Edit

alien mode added

version 2.0.0Edit

multiplayer mode added

version 2.0.1Edit

fixed single player glitch

version 2.0.2Edit

  • added features
  • fixed more of 2p mode
  • added credits
  • fixed save file (made it more reliable)

Future PlansEdit

  • fix 2-player mode glitch
  • and save glitch

Videos and ScreenshotsEdit


Svsaqrv2 (1) Svsaqrv2 (2) Svsaqrv2 (4) Svsaqrv2 (5) Svsaqrv2 (6) Svsaqrv2 (7)


feel free to edit just don"t pass off as your own


tiny 2 player bug will be fixed soon


User:Elftiger= everything

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