PETITCOM - Smilide early demo progress02:34

PETITCOM - Smilide early demo progress

Demo of earlier version of engine.

This is an early alpha of an Action-Rpg done with text graphics I'm working on.  It's going to be based on Hydlide but the biggest thing about the game is that it will have a full fledged editor which allows for lots of customizations and completely new scenarios to be made using the engine without programming at all.  Most everything is setup to be modular. In the end, users of Megazeux or ZZT will understand what this game will be all about. Scenarios are shareable via QR codes (create QRs of the GRP files to share).

  Please download and test!  

QR Code Sheet has instructions. Please note that bottom right TIL button is not functional yet and is just a placeholder.

For tile properties, here is the list:

WALK 0/1- Player may/may not walk here. 

HEIGHT 0-9 - How high the tile is in game space. This allows player to walk under/behind it.

CHANGES HEIGHT 0-2 - 0 = No change, 1 = Changes player's height when moving off of it vertically, 2 = Changes height when moving off of it horizontally. Remember, you cannot move up/down in height if you're moving FROM NORMAL TO CHANGE HEIGHT, only from change height to normal. To make 2 way stairs, it requires 2 CHANGE HEIGHTS in a row! However, feel free to use this to trap the player via 1-way tile movement.

SLOWS DOWN PLAYER - 0-9.  0 = Doesn't slow player, 9 = Slows player an extra 9 frames.

AUTO MOVE PLAYER 0-4 - 0 = No auto move, 1 = Auto move up, 2 = Auto move right, 3 = Auto move down, 4 = Auto move left. Player cannot step off of auto move tiles until it pushes them to a non-auto move tile... this may change in future versions.

WORLD MAP screens link to each other when moving off of the edges of the screen automatically and loop around vertically and horizontally (this is done to mimic original HYDLIDE game world). DUNGEON maps are single screens. Future versions will have door items you can place to link to other maps. For now, they are single screen.

To change MAP being edited, tap the stylus on the green number at bottom of screen then use the D-pad and Y to select your new map. S button saves your map (max 7 characters) and L button loads map. More instructions are written on the QR code. Please report bugs and odd behaviors, suggestions and questions.  


(Link Is Down - Edited By OriginStory7)


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